Our Commitment to Women

Janet was 17 years old when she got pregnant. Her boyfriend said he loved her, and then he dumped as soon as she told him the news. Janet’s parents were extremely unhappy with her and sent her to live nuns in upstate New York until she had the baby. The little girl was ripped from her mother’s arms and adopted by a couple she would never see again.  

That little girl, named Nora, never meet her birth mother but she knew how much her parents loved her. They had prayed and prayed for a baby of their own, but they could never conceive one of their own. They found the nunnery, and although they did not like the treatment of the mothers, they were desperate for their own baby, and so they went one day and came home with Nora.  

Nora grew up to be an incredibly bright student, volunteering with women’s organizations throughout high school and college. Nora believed the best way she could help people was becoming a doctor, and so she went to medical school. She decided to study gynecology to devote her life to women.  

Throughout her gynecology practice, Nora met hundreds of women who just wanted to have a baby but could not get pregnant. It was so devastating to hear these women’s stories and not offer them more.  

One day, Nora was searching online and came across PTS, and saw a fertility clinic in her city that was for sale. She researched the clinic, which was started by a woman and her husband who were never able to have a child of their own and were ready to retire. She met with the couple and their staff and fell in love with the practice. She began working there a few days a week outside of her own practice, and she became so enamored with the patients, she decided to buy it.  

Today, our fertility clinic is here to help families learn more about their fertility and continue down the path to being pregnant. Women are at the heart of our practice, meaning they are treated with care and the prime decision makers in their health. We never push treatments on to people, and we are honest and open about the challenges that come with fertility treatments. We also refer our patients to other services that might be beneficial during this time, such as counseling, chiropractic, massages, and financial advisors.  

We know infertility is not an easy path, so we are here to help.