Stories of Hope: Yvette

Yvette and her partner Charles had been trying off birth control for three years when they came to see us. They had only been actively trying for the last year, but Yvette is 37. She was worried that her fertility window was closing soon and wanted our help.  

After several rounds of tests and discussions, we agreed that IVF was the best treatment option for Yvette and Charles. We started by taking both Yvette’s eggs and Charles’ sperm and creating an embryo outside of the womb. Through this process, we were able to seven embryos, which wasn’t a lot but enough to get started. We then froze these embryos while we gave Yvette hormone injections. She also had to have her blood drawn everyone week to make sure her body was ready for the injection. After a month, we were ready to insert the embryos into Yvette’s uterus, and because it is not a guarantee that they will take, we decided to put two in there. We waited three weeks, but a pregnancy test showed that the injection did not take.  

Yvette was devastated, but eager to try again. We had planned to do another two embryos, but in the preparation phase, Yvette got very sick and we decided not to move forward with the injection. A few months later, we restarted the process again, with the two embryos, but again they did not stick. 

At this point, Yvette was defeated. They had just three embryos left, but they were running out of time and money. Yvette and Charles decided to take a break and see if they could find meaning in their life without a child, but after about six months, they came to us again. They told us they had to try one more time, and this time we would use all three embryos. After about three weeks since the injection, Yvette had a scheduled appointment to come in to see if she was pregnant, but she couldn’t help herself and decided to take an at-home pregnancy test. And, two pinks lines revealed that she was indeed pregnant.  

Yvette and Charles are now the proud parents to a little boy, and they also adopted a little girl. Their patience and strength was astonishing, and they couldn’t be happier parents.